My family and I went to Kodaikanal, a district in the state of Tamilnadu, last summer. The trip began on April 2 and ended on June 9. This was one of my most splendid experiences.


The Lake – The Lake was beautiful. It’s supposedly star-shaped. You can either go boating with the pedals or have someone row the boat. We choose the pedals. My father and I were the ones to pedal through the entire lake. You could feel the burn even after days. But it was amazing and fun.

The Upper Lake View – This wasn’t much. You can see the entire lake from this mountainous place. But it wasn’t enjoyable due to the crowd. Plus, there wasn’t much to see. So, I don’t really recommend this place. Just wait, you might the kind of person who loves nature. The path to the lake is gorgeous with a wide variety of plants. The smell of petrichor fills your car as you pass through.

Croaker’s Walk – A pleasant hiking trail without the crowd. There are many vendors on the way for a native souvenier or artifact. The view is beautiful, especially if you go there in late May (early June), you would be able to see the beautiful mist. After the mist passes, you can see the beautiful greenery. It’s a lot of good stuff here.

Dining out

We practically stayed here like it’s our hometown. So we didn’t go out for food so often, they were prepared at home. But both my mother’s and my birthday passed during this period so we went to the great…

The Carlton 

This restaurant is heavenly. Gods, everything tastes like ambrosia. Everything up to the curd (yogurt). The vegetarian soup is always the best. There are usually a wide variety of starters. TRY THEM ALL!! Don’t just choose one. Especially if there is a bitter gourd starter, that’s exactly where you have to go. The biryani is great. Paneer butter masala is amazing with the naan. But if the paneer is a fry, then it tastes disgusting. Pasta. I’m just going to leave like that. The pasta is amazing!! It tastes perfectly Italian!! But mixed with vegetables, not so much. Occasionally, there’s cauliflower fry. It’s not the ordinary kind. This is the best cauliflower fry I had ever tasted.

Now the dessert. What’s a meal without dessert? I actually used to never eat anything with sugar. Then came Carlton and BOOM, I’m stuffing my face with all kinds of desserts. The ice cream is fantastic. There’s always different kinds of halwa, if you are lucky enough, you would make it in time to eat the carrot halwa and it’s out of the world. And then there the chocolate pastry with melts on your tongue. Then there’s… so many more great desserts.


I’m not a fan. If you are the kind of person with the love of vegetarian Indian food, hey, give Astoria a try. You never know when your taste buds change.


Attuvampatti is the best place for bird watching. There’s a wide variety here. Their colorful plumage adds just the right tone to this place, almost replicating a miniature painting of an exotic location.

There are some animals like boars, wild pigs and sometimes even bison. But, you won’t have to worry about carnivorous beasts like tigers, even though they can be found in the forest region of Kodaikanal.

Confused about where to sent this summer? Why don’t you give Kodaikanal a try? You don’t want to miss the cool breezes, mild rays of sunshine, long morning walks in the hills and the delicious fruits.

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